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Creating your birth space

You probably know that you want to have a calming and relaxed environment for your birth. This is because your cervix is really quite demanding with it's very own timetable of how quickly it wants to dilate. So bossy! But it only want to dilate in a space that feels safe and for your cervix,… Continue reading Creating your birth space

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How to Prevent Tearing During Birth: A Midwives Method

Almost every client is worried about tearing during the birth of her baby. Tearing is a real and legitimate fear women have and I am glad that I have the experience to address it! When I read blog posts I want writers to GET TO THE POINT so, I'll go ahead and bullet out a… Continue reading How to Prevent Tearing During Birth: A Midwives Method

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Is homebirth messy? 

That homebirth is messy is a common thought for individuals who haven't seen birth or a brand new to it. There's an idea that fluids shoot out of the mother's body followed quickly by fluids from the newborn's, and soon enough there is blood dripping from the ceiling! Or wait... Maybe that was my idea… Continue reading Is homebirth messy?¬†

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Getting Partners involved in Birth

As a doula and midwifery apprentice I see a lot of dads and other partners at a birth who are standing around awkwardly, just lost, and not knowing what to do. And thats okay, I know how hard it is! I started out that way too, but now I'm deep in this process of supporting… Continue reading Getting Partners involved in Birth