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Lowering Cincinnati Hospital Episiotomy Rates

I am just so excited to share this news!!! Not only was my blog post shared in a meeting with Hospital staff BUT now an initiative to lower their episiotomy rates has started!!!! I recently found out from an internal source, at a local hospital, that they found my blog post comparing Cincinnati hospital birth… Continue reading Lowering Cincinnati Hospital Episiotomy Rates

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How to Prevent Tearing During Birth: A Midwives Method

Almost every client is worried about tearing during the birth of her baby. Tearing is a real and legitimate fear women have and I am glad that I have the experience to address it! When I read blog posts I want writers to GET TO THE POINT so, I'll go ahead and bullet out a… Continue reading How to Prevent Tearing During Birth: A Midwives Method

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Getting Partners involved in Birth

As a doula and midwifery apprentice I see a lot of dads and other partners at a birth who are standing around awkwardly, just lost, and not knowing what to do. And thats okay, I know how hard it is! I started out that way too, but now I'm deep in this process of supporting… Continue reading Getting Partners involved in Birth