This resource list is a work in process. Please let me know what you would love to see listed here. Updated April 2019.

For Parents:
Addiction in Pregnancy:
Addiction and Pregnancy: A Guide for Mothers Link

Becoming Pregnant:
This link is about using a menstrual cup to keep semen in place, for a higher chance of pregnancy. Its not a scientific article but many say it works! Link

Birth Control:

This website has a function to compare birth control methods side by side. It lists effectiveness, side effects, cost and more.

Body Work:

Deep Tissue Massage; a practitioner who is comfortable working on the pregnant body. Will realign and stabilize in preparation for birth. Robby Cload

Chiropractic care; a chiropractor who effectively and gently removes restrictions so the pregnant body can move freely at an affordable cost. Heather Iannelli

Craniosacral; I hear praises about Sandi Prantl’s work with babies and have seen babies look physically different after being aligned by her.


Heres a website about weight loss in the newborn with breastfeeding. This article is simple enough for a sleep-deprived postpartum mom to take in and I agree with all of it.

Cervix check:

If you’re interested in doing your own cervical check, this blog post will walk you through.

A website with lots of information about the cervix.

Information for Christian parents:


Evidence-based birth, well researched information on GBS-

Lactation Support

Michelle Emanuel is a Neonatal / Pediatric Occupational Therapist, and does great work with babies, especially those with anatomical issues
Supplementing and this ladys website is one that I totally trust.  Introducing Kellymom

Legal/Consulting, Birth Justice Organization: Elephant Circle

Placenta Encapsulation:

Should Christian mothers consume their placentas-

Low-income Resources:
Cradle Cincinnati has an extensive resource guide as well as an operator who can quickly point you in the right direction Cradle Cincinnati

Pregnancy Loss:

Elizabeth Ministries- they have miscarriage kits that can be used to treat the passage with dignity.

My forever child- sells mementos for after a loss

Big list of grief and loss resources

Earth Mama- they have a loss product line. This kit in particular looks like a nice gift.

Vitamin K

Evidence based birth, well researched information on Vitamin K-

For Birth Professionals:
Continuing Education:

Malpositioned Baby:

Newborn Exam:

This is Stanford’s site of tons of pictures of normal and abnormal findings on Newborn Exams. I’ll say a preemptive, “Your Welcome”, now.

Pregnancy Loss:

Tips for caring for a stillborn infant. Includes guidelines for cleaning and preparing the body for parents to say goodbye.

Hearthside Perinatal Bereavement Care- this in an incredible online 12 part webinar series. Each one is $12 and is completely go at your own pace. It is done by a student homebirth midwife, is incredibly holistic, informative and worth the money!

Huge list of resources: