Breastmilk Soap

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This soap is made to order using 6-12 ounces of your personal breastmilk. This soap is unscented and makes a full batch which comes out to be 12 full bars of baby friendly soap!!!! I do not use any fillers or preservatives. Soap needs to cure for 6 weeks to fully harden. 

Ingredients include: Lye (used in processing), filtered water, olive oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil. 


-Soap needs to be kept from sitting in fluid. Its best to keep soap exposed to air on all sides. Stored soap should be kept from direct sunlight.

-Fragrance can be added at an additional charge of $5

-Soap for external use only. Not for human consumption. If irritation occurs, stop use immediately. 

-This product sold locally, Shipping needs would be paid for by consumer and charged separately. 


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