Postpartum Depression Plan

I know from personal experience how big and scary and real postpartum depression can be. It’s one of my biggest passions to keep other women from suffering the way I did. Postpartum depression effects every aspect of your life and most importantly affects how able you are to be present with your new baby. Personally there was a whole year of life after my first baby that I just don’t remember because of it. I really wish I had prepared beforehand!

From that place I knew how important it was to prepare for my postpartum before the birth of my second. I created a whole list with the help of my husband so that we could be prepared if it struck again. Disappointingly enough 2 weeks in and I was on the same path that I was on with my first but because of the plan I was able to stop it.

The plan is written out and I’m more than happy to share it upon request! All you have to do is ask.

Happy Postpartum!

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