Cincinnati Birth Doula

I LOVE working as a birth doula! Its so energizing to find a mom that I really connect with, find out that she feels the same about me and then go on a life-changing journey with her. Birth work is like that for me, creating a deep connection, all in hopes of the client I’m working with, creating a massive connection with their partner and new baby during their labor and birth! It’s not about me, it’s about the client. I really want them to walk away saying, “Yes! I did that”. It’s hard work bringing a baby into the world and just so amazing to witness. See my blog post here for the hardest part of birth. I deeply believe in the empowerment that can happen during a pregnancy and birth that is ripe with informed consent, invested mothers and a supportive birth team. This empowerment is the beginning of an empowered parent and a strong emotional attachment to their new baby.

My Birth Doula fee covers 1-2 prenatal visits, labor, birth, immediate postpartum and 1-2 visits postpartum. During prenatal visits, we talk about expectations, fears, goals, and concerns. Tearing during birth is a common concern, see more on my blog post here, How to Prevent Tearing During Birth: A Midwives Method. If needed I’m happy to make a birth plan with you and we make sure to talk about how I can work with the birth partner, see more here Getting Partners involved in Birth.

I am on call for my doula clients from 38 weeks on, am in contact with them on a weekly basis for updates from 36 weeks until birth. When labor is starting, my clients contact me and I attend them once they are in active labor. Active labor is usually once contractions are 5 minutes apart, at least a minute long and have been going on for at least an hour. Birth workers call it the 5-1-1 rule. My support may begin at your home or I can meet you at the hospital.

I was trained through ToLabor as a birth doula in 2010, and have had two natural home births of my own.  As a doula, I am the person in the room who is knowledgeable, grounded and ready to give suggestions and support! The hospital staff and I work as a team to meet your needs. For more information on how everyone works together at a birth, see my blog post Doctors, nurses, partners, doula… Oh my! There’s a place for everyone?! There will never get to a point where I get impatient because the beauty is in the journey! For this reason, I don’t charge more if your labor goes longer than expected. The last thing I want you to be thinking about during your labor is the time.

At the postpartum visits, we talk about your birth. I answer any questions and we talk about how precious your new baby is. If you have ever experienced postpartum depression or are worried you might, please reach out for a copy of my free plan. See my blog post Free Postpartum Depression plan 

I’ve currently been a part of about 45 births! Those have spanned home, hospital, natural, epidural, VBAC, HVBAC, cesarean and all sexualities. I’m happy to attend births within the 275 loop of the greater Cincinnati area.

I sincerely hope you will consider allowing me to serve you next.