What is a Postpartum Doula?

As a postpartum doula I begin caregiving as soon as needed.  Minutes, hours or days after you’ve given birth. Your needs for this transition to a larger family are my priority and dependent on each individual. There is no “right-way” to use a postpartum doula. I will assist with household chores, care for the older siblings while you breastfeed, rock your new sweet baby or the new born while you take a shower and a nap, etc.

What does a typical day with you as my Postpartum Doula look like?

A typical four hour segment could mean two loads of laundry done, a clean kitchen, trash taken out, clean sheets on the beds, a walk around the block with the kids, fed lunch and ready for their afternoon nap, and of course a shower for you.

Will you come to the hospital to pick up my Placenta?

Yes! Once you have your placenta released to you and ready to be picked up, you’ll call me and I’ll be there within hours. The sooner I start the process, the sooner I can have the capsules back to you and ready for use.

Do you use the raw or traditional Chinese method of encapsulation?

I will use the raw method when encapsulating, as I believe it is a gentler process and in turn will be more beneficial for the new momma.

Whats the recommended dose for my placenta capsules?

For the first two weeks I recommend, three capsules twice a day, then for the next two weeks, three capsules once a day. After the first month, if you’re feeling run down, fatigued, having low milk supply or emotionally fragile, you can continue using your pills as a natural remedy.


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