Whats the process of placenta Encapsulation

I’m sure you know all the great benefits of placenta encapsulation, like increased milk supply, mood stability, and increased energy. So I’ll go ahead and explain the process. Once you decide you would like to move forward, and I have received your intake form that Ill attach below (and encapsulation deposit of $50), you will want to mention to your care provider that you will be taking your placenta home. I have not worked with the hospital you mentioned before, but all hospitals have a policy around this. Each is different, so you will want to find out yours. You will probably want to know how soon after the birth you will be able to take it (some hsp don’t allow you to have the placenta until you are discharged in case they need to send it to the lab). Also ask if they will store the placenta for you until you can have someone pick it up, or if you need to bring a cooler when you go into labor. The main reason I wouldn’t be able to complete the encapsulation for you would be if they had to send the placenta to the lab/pathology.
I work hard to have your capsules back to you in about 24 hours, so you can experience the benefits right away. My process of working with the actual placenta is easy. I simply cut the placenta into small pieces, place on my dehydrator until all moisture is removed, grind into powder and then put into capsules so you can take them like vitamins every morning. Each placenta will make anywhere from 80 to 160 capsules. I average at around 120. I dry the placenta until there’s absolutely no moisture remaining, so the capsules are shelf-stable. If you want to keep them for years I would suggest that you store them in your freezer.
As always feel free to reach out with any other questions or comments!

20% off Placenta Encapsulation services for due dates in January and February 2019

I know that there must be a lot of pregnant people out there who have been working to take care of others during this holiday season. Now I want to take care of you! Any clients who are due in January or February of 2019 will get 20% off of My Placenta encapsulation services, just for being you. That is a $50 value! Tell you friends.

Traditional Chinese or Raw Method for Placenta Encapsulation… You choose

I’ve began offering placenta encapsulation to clients in the greater Cincinnati area 8 years ago, when I was trained by a local home birth midwife. Since then I have undergone a more traditional weekend workshop on placenta encapsulation and I’ve learned tons through my personal experience.

I began by offering the raw method of placenta encapsulation because there’s a belief that none of the potential benefits of the placenta are cooked out. I am now also offering the Chinese traditional method.

I know that there are many reasons that clients might prefer this. Some of which may be because of their religious beliefs, that they want to share their placenta capsules with someone else, or they simply feel safer consuming a placenta that has been steamed. Either way feel free to tell me your preference when you book me. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have!

Here’s to a happier and more whole postpartum season!

Another Reason NOT to fear Homebirth

I have attended a few homebirths lately, And i am continuously awed by the peacefulness, respect and trust that is flowing through the space. I just cant stop talking about it… even around those who i know may think its dangerous, etc.

I found this table recently and am thinking about making a wallet sized copy to flash at people as they scoff at my path of Student Midwife. Hahaha. Really, i know that the best defense will be to become educated, so i study away, every day. 

Check it out: