Water birth: Homebirth in Cincinnati

I am a big fan of water birth, it relaxes clients when nothing else will, can speed up the labor process, allow her movement with less gravity, and is a gentle emergence for the baby. Most of the clients I work with choose to have a birth pool available for their labor.



Here I’m showing a client her side of the placenta. This is the side that was attached to the wall of her uterus, connected to her blood vessels so it could constantly infuse her baby with oxygenated blood. It’s one that after showing her and her family, I later cut, dried and put into capsules. #cincinnatiplacentaencapsulation #cincinnatihomebirth

How to Prevent Tearing During Birth: A Midwives Method

Almost every client is worried about tearing during the birth of her baby. Tearing is a real and legitimate fear women have and I am glad that I have the experience to address it! When I read blog posts I want writers to GET TO THE POINT so, I’ll go ahead and bullet out a midwives approach to preventing tears during birth now.

1. Slow down drastically at the birth of your babies head.

2. Support your tissues externally as they stretch during birth.

3. Get body work at term to keep you and your baby in an ideal position for birth.

For those of you who want more information about those bullets above I will go into detail now.

1. Slow down drastically at the birth of your babies head:

The whole purpose of this is to allow the vaginal tissues to stretch instead of popping open. (I know some of you just did a involuntary kegel with that word pop! Lol.) When a client reaches term, we discuss that when she feels a burning or stinging sensation during pushing (otherwise known as ‘the ring of fire’), she should communicate that to me. This is the point where the head is crowning, or where the largest portion of the head is at the vaginal opening. Its interesting to me that slowing down at crowning isn’t something that women naturally do. Its much more common for women to feel the intensity of crowning, think to themselves that they can finish the birth real quick and just blast the baby out. This is the point when your support people come in. When I see and hear that a woman is crowning I say a couple things. First, I ask her to take a breath, then open her eyes and tell her it’s time to slow down. Then we lock eyes and take a couple big breaths together. If she can just breathe through a couple contractions, allowing her uterus to push but not putting force behind it, that is usually all the stretching that the tissues need to be tear free!

2. Support your tissues externally as they stretch during birth:

Otherwise known as perineal support. See image below.

When I’m at a birth as a midwife, I use a folded washcloth to support the anus and perinuem as much a possible during every contraction once there is active head movement with pushing. This extra exterior support not only reminds mom to slow down but also holds the skin together to keep tearing from happening. Perineal Support is even more beneficial if the mom is providing it for herself because she can feel exactly where the support is needed, but alas, it’s difficult for her to reach! Providing perineal support can be discussed with your care provider to see what their practice is.

3. Get body work at term to keep you and your baby in an ideal position for birth:

An ideal baby position at birth will keep the diameter of the head the smallest it can be to lessen the likelihood or tearing. This means your babies chin will be well tucked and the babies back is towards your belly, on the left hand side. Body work can align YOU, so the baby is free to move to the best position. I always recommend a deep tissue massage therapist who is comfortable working on pregnant moms for body work.

Notes to know:

There are degrees of tear depth, that go anywhere from just a scratch all the way to through the anus. See the image below:

Questions? Feel free to contact me or comment below.

This one goes out to Cincinnati’s pregnant women of color

As I move deeper into my journey to become a midwife, I’m struck by the disparities that are faced by women of color in the Cincinnati Area. It is not for socioeconomic reasons like education or their yearly income that makes their statistics so much worse than their white counterparts, it’s the sheer fact that racism is prevalent and far reaching. It causes such undue stress on these women that they are more likely to give birth prematurely, and experience other pregnancy complications that could ultimately result in maternal or infant mortality.

Check out the following for more information. https://www.marchofdimes.org/peristats/tools/reportcard.aspx?frmodrc=1®=39



I am newly impassioned to do what I can to change these statistics. This will include offering the following to women:

-low cost birth doula services for those that are inhibited by the cost of my services

-being available via phone for questions or concerns

The above are my ideas and I understand that I may not be addressing the greater need. If you have ideas about alternatives please contact me. I am open to feedback.

No, you’re not being silly if you want to be modest during your birth

Birth is a big deal and for some it becomes an even bigger deal knowing that other people are going to be looking straight at areas of your body that are the most sacred. I get it! I really do.

Yes… it’s totally true that for most moms they’re going to hit a point in labor when people seeing their body is just not a worry to them anymore. They become more concerned with riding the waves of each contraction and how tight their clothes begin to feel that they just start tearing them off their body. Hint: Anything that has a waistband goes first. ; )

For some moms this just won’t happen. They will stay covered up and that’s fine. As long as they feel comfortable enough to roll with what their body is asking them to do in labor, there is no problem!

What I really want all moms who are struggling with this issue to remember is that this is their birth, no one else’s and they get to decide what they want to wear and when. It’s just that basic. Because #empoweredbirth

If you want to have a modest birth experience I would suggest that you have a few of the following items on hand…

-Nightgowns: ones that you think are beautiful, completly un-constricting, and dedicated to the birth so you won’t be disappointed if they get stained. You will want at least 2 in case one gets wet or dirty. At least knee length is ideal, calf length is better and sleeveless because labor is hard and sweaty work. Oh and I love cotton because it breaths. Make sure it’s not see through because that just defeats the purpose. Check out Latched Momma dresses, they will open easily for nursing and are my absolute favorite!

-Sportsbra: again at least 2 is ideal in case one gets wet. Nursing bras might be great too as it would open easily to do skin to skin with the baby afterwards.

Early labor clothes: these are the clothes that you love, are comfortable and make you feel safe and warm. #loveyourself

I would love to hear what you wore in labor and if you have any additional tips that readers might find helpful!