Midwifery linked to better birth outcomes in state-by-state “report card”

Midwifery linked to better birth outcomes in state-by-state “report card”

Midwife-friendly laws and regulations tend to coincide with lower rates of premature births, cesarean deliveries and newborn deaths, according to a U.S.-wide “report card” that ranks each of the 50 states on the quality of their maternity care.

The first-of-its-kind study found a strong connection between the role of midwives in the health care system – what the researchers call “midwifery integration” – and birth outcomes. States with high midwifery integration, like Washington and Oregon, generally had better results, while states with the least integration, primarily in the Midwest and South, tended to do worse.

As with most population health studies, the statistical association between the role of midwives and birth outcomes doesn’t prove a cause-and-effect relationship. Other factors, especially race…. read on at https://www.med.ubc.ca/midwifery-linked-to-better-birth-outcomes-in-state-by-state-report-card/?fbclid=IwAR1uUUv79adj85mgaCSichkCjGKpTMlYNogWxZXUTQwBqJFrEV0wRxuvkBI

Who should I invite to my birth?

A birth is one of those rare experiences in the client’s life where I am fully expecting her to be selfish. This birth is ALL about her.

I talk to every client about who she is thinking about having at her birth. Sometimes that discussion is really easy because she just wants her partner and one friend, who has seen multiple births, will do anything, and they are incredibly comfortable with. Other times it’s a situation where the mom has a whole list of people she’s thinking about. In that case we go through one by one and if she is at all unsure of someone then I ask her this simple question, “Does that person directly benefit YOU by being there?” A doula who you trust will support you well? Yes. A friend who is afraid of natural birth oh, that’s a no. Your mother-in-law whose super grounding to you, why yes! Someone who just wants to see a natural birth oh, sorry that’s a no, there’s plenty of YouTube videos for that. A sister who always knows what to say? Ummm, shes in. A friend or family member who doesn’t know when to be quiet? Sorry you’re out. You get the picture. Think critically and get comfortable with the idea of this being about Y-O-U. At the moment when your body is opening to allow your baby to come through, I promise you won’t regret it!

Traditional Chinese or Raw Method for Placenta Encapsulation… You choose

I’ve began offering placenta encapsulation to clients in the greater Cincinnati area 8 years ago, when I was trained by a local home birth midwife. Since then I have undergone a more traditional weekend workshop on placenta encapsulation and I’ve learned tons through my personal experience.

I began by offering the raw method of placenta encapsulation because there’s a belief that none of the potential benefits of the placenta are cooked out. I am now also offering the Chinese traditional method.

I know that there are many reasons that clients might prefer this. Some of which may be because of their religious beliefs, that they want to share their placenta capsules with someone else, or they simply feel safer consuming a placenta that has been steamed. Either way feel free to tell me your preference when you book me. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have!

Here’s to a happier and more whole postpartum season!