Cincinnati Birth Doula

I am delighted to work as a Cincinnati Birth Doula. I use affirming support throughout your pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience to make it an empowering journey. I believe you can have the positive birth experience that you desire! We know birth can present unanticipated challenges, and rarely goes as planned. Having a birth doula to guide you along the way has a profound and positive impact. Friends and family get captivated in the moment, while a doula is responsible for remembering the big picture of the labor process. In collaboration with hospital staff, your partner, family and/or friend, I will work as a team to meet your families educational, emotional and physical needs.

Overview of Doula Service

  • A no obligation free consult with me.  I am happy to offer my free consultations through your choice of either an in-person one on one meeting or telephone consultation. This is a chance for us to get to know each other better, I can share more with you about how I can best support you in your journey and I get to learn more about your unique family and needs.
  • Prenatal visits where we discuss a wide variety of topics including but not limited to your families expectations, goals, and birth plan. My role will be to answer your questions and to provide feedback during these sessions.
  • Postpartum visit is a time to answer your questions and a great opportunity to debrief about your experience. We discuss any needs your family may have in your postpartum as well as how precious your new baby is!!!

Cincinnati Doula Package

Bookend Birth Doula Package

Bookend birth doula package includes enhanced support throughout your pregnancy and postpartum. It’s ideal for clients who need more guidance, and first-time parents.

Package Includes:
• Free phone or in home interview to meet each other
• Unlimited email support throughout your pregnancy
• Two in home prenatal visits, lasting 2 hours, to discuss all things pregnancy and birth.
• Support with creating your birth plan
• On-call support after 38 weeks pregnant
• Support throughout active labor, birth and immediate postpartum
• Postpartum visit in your home within a week of birth to debrief about the experience.

Fee: $950 due in full by the 36th week of pregnancy

My role as a Cincinnati Birth Doula

I am more than ready to support you through your labor. I have years of experience behind me, am trained as a ToLabor Doula, and as a Bebo Mia Birth Doula. I have made birth my work!

I support pregnant individuals giving birth at hospitals or birth centers within an hour of central Cincinnati. This includes Atrium Natural Beginnings Birth Center, Bethesda North, Christ Hospital, Good Samaritan, Mercy Anderson, St Elizabeth Hospital, Mercy West Hospital, and University of Cincinnati Hospital UC. I support birthing individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, ability, identity and sexual orientation.

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