Cincinnati Birth Doula

I LOVE working as a birth doula! Its so energizing to find a mom that I really connect with, find out that she feels the same about me and then go on a life-changing journey with her. Birth work is like that for me, creating a deep connection, all in hopes of the client I’m working with creating a massive connection with their partner and new baby during their labor and birth! Its not about me, its about the client. I really want them to walk away saying, “Yes! I did that”. It’s hard work bringing a baby into the world and just so amazing to witness. Please don’t judge me if you see me starting to tear up. I swear I’m a Professional!

I’ve currently been a part of about 45 births! Those have spanned home, hospital, lqbt, heterosexual, natural, epidural, vaginal, VBAC, HVBAC and cesarean. Im excited to see how i can support you!

Im happy to attend births within the 275 loop of the greater Cincinnati area.

I was trained through ToLabor as a birth doula in 2010, and have had two natural home births of my own.  I feel confident that I can be the person in the room who is knowledgeable, calm and ready to give suggestions and support whenever needed! While in a birth space it is my goal to be grounded, peaceful and ready to give ideas. It is my goal that your birth team and I can work as a team to meet your needs. There will never get to a point where I get impatient or want to hurry the process. The beauty is in the journey! Clients have told me that i know the perfect things to say and that they absolutely loved having me there! I sincerely hope you will consider allowing me to serve you next.

VENUS   birth pool