Birth Doula

Affirming Support

I thoroughly enjoy working as a Cincinnati birth doula! As a birth doula, I am always ready to give suggestions and support, sometimes you just need someone to tell you that this is normal and what position you can try next. Other times you need help knowing your options or help working with the process. The hospital staff and I work as a team to meet your needs, see my blog post here.

What is included in my service

My Birth Doula fee covers 1-2 prenatal visits (~2 hour in length) labor, birth, immediate postpartum and 1 visit postpartum. During prenatal visits, we talk about expectations, fears, goals, birth plans and how we can all work together to get you the birth you are hoping for.

At the postpartum visits, I help you process your birth. I answer any questions and we talk about how precious your new baby is. It is a great debriefing session.

I support pregnant individuals giving birth at hospitals or birth centers within an hour of central Cincinnati.

A accept a no more than 3 doula clients a month and spots do fill quickly. Contact me to reserve a spot on my calendar.

Are you a doula who would like to see how you can partner with me? Contact me.