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Anna Taylor Dreamcatcherbirth.com

I’m Anna Taylor, based in Cincinnati, founder of Dreamcatcher Birth Services LLC!

Being pregnant, and having to navigate the hospital system can be nerve-wracking. If your brand new to this there is SO much information, its like a whole world over here. You need to decide what you want, why and be able to explain it to your care provider. I know you have heard horror stories of others birth experiences and you dont want that to be you. Maybe your scared that you wont be heard, and that it could cause harm to you or your baby. All you want is to have your voice heard and be safe. Coming out trauma free would be a very welcome bonus.

It could be that you’ve already navigated the whole hospital system through birth before and it wasn’t that bad. You feel like you could do it again. What you struggled with was the postpartum. It seems silly but somehow you forgot in all your preparations for pregnancy and birth, that you would have a baby afterwards. Last time within a way-too-short period of time, you realized that this baby is cute but you have no idea how you can be solely responsible for this tiny helpless human. You became overwhelmed with all the responsibilities. You even began feeling yourself sink into what could be described as a…

Shhhhhh…. dont tell anyone, but a Depression. Its too shaming for you to even say outloud.

I view myself as a childbearing year companion. I know the hospital system well, I already know the options and can explain them to you in an unbiased manner. Im not attached to what you choose, am unaffiliated with any hospital and my only goal is to help you wade through to find what you feel most comfortable with. During your birth, I help you follow your plan, while also being flexible and ready for whatever your birth may bring. Im there to support you the whole way.

During the postpartum, I encourage you while you work to become confident in your parenting. I can answer any questions, let you know when its time to call in more help, and come up with a plan to make your first couple months peaceful, and relaxed. I help you make the postpartum just as it should be. A transition thats relaxed, supported and full of love.

I have been passionate about working with women during their childbearing year since 2011. During that time I have had two natural births of my own, and have supported women at more than 80 births, and 100s of postpartum visits. I have seen it all and am ready to support you next. I currently work as a Cincinnati Birth Doula, Cincinnati Postpartum Doula, Cincinnati Placenta Encapsulation, as well as a homebirth midwife assistant on the side. I have been trained as a doula since 2011, and placenta encapsulationist since 2013. I am trained as a ToLabor Doula. Precertified as a Bebo Mia Fertility Doula, Bebo Mia Birth Doula and finally a Bebo Mia Postpartum Doula.

My hobbies include playing with my two children, home renovation projects, and all things DIY. I spend my time going to t-ball games, playing pretend, trying to create our space thats minimalistic and a little bit like a montessori classroom. I do a lot of painting in our house, watching youtube videos to learn how to fix all the little things that break in a 1900 home and trying to make a shady backyard a nice place to be. All while balancing relationships with a husband, children and friends. Its a full life and I love it.

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