About Me

Hello, I’m Anna Taylor, a midwife in training, birth doula and placenta encapsulator, 20170621_192204based in Cincinnati, Ohio!

I grew up in a very large family (10 children!) and the power and joy of childbirth was celebrated with each new addition. With grace and strength, my mother brought into the world each of my siblings. My mother had each of us in a hospital setting and taught me the power of a woman in the birth process. She acted out of acceptance and gratitude throughout labor and relied on friends and family to support her postpartum.

My passion for birth work began in my early 20s when I still totally confused by what I should do with my life. By chance, I watched a couple natural birth videos, Orgasmic birth, and The Business of Being Born, both documentaries that I highly recommend to expectant parents. These videos highly intrigued me and opened my eyes to the possibility of empowered birth and I knew I wanted to be a part of women achieving it! With a little guidance from my sister who is a well respected Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), I decided I would follow that same path and support parents who wanted the ultimate empowered birth, a homebirth.

I started by taking a Bradley Method Childbirth Education Class, which taught me the importance of supporting women giving birth in the hospital setting. Soon after I became trained as a birth doula through ToLabor, where my obsession solidified and I began attending births as a doula and studying to be a midwife. My first homebirths were attended as purely a witness and babysitter to the CPM so she could nurse her new baby as needed. Here these women were, in their home, with a few select friends, children, midwife, and partner, moving where they wanted, how they wanted with such presence and integration with the process of childbirth, I was completely hooked!

Later I became an apprentice, as I am now, and began attending all prenatals, births and postpartum visits of each client, taking on more and more responsibility as I move forward with my skill. Interspersed with my apprenticeships, I have had two beautiful homebirths of my own with local CPMs. Since the birth of my children, Oliver and Everly, my passion for the field has grown.


Now my involvement with the birth community includes being in the final stages of my training to become a CPM with a local midwife, working as a doula and providing placenta encapsulation, all things that I love.

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