About Me

Anna and OliverHello this is Anna Taylor, based in Cincinnati, Ohio!

My passion for midwifery, doula work and placenta encapsulation began years and years ago.

I grew up in a very large family (10 children!) and the power and joy of childbirth was celebrated with each new addition. With grace and strength my mother brought into the world each of my siblings. My mother had each of us in a hospital setting and taught me the power of a woman in the birth process. She acted out of acceptance and gratitude throughout labor and relied on friends and family to support her postpartum.

There were always a string of women who came to our house after the birth, cleaning, cooking, reading us books or taking all of us children out of the house for a few hours. My mother and these women taught me the importance of having community support, of finding women who would nurture you while you nurtured your new baby.

My older sister opened me to another level of childbirth as a midwife.  After apprenticing in the Philippines for over 2 years she came back to the states to start her own midwifery practice.  She is now one of the most well respected midwives in the Tristate area.  By participating in and witnessing her process of preparation for her own births and witnessing those of her clients I was so deeply moved, transformed really. Here was a woman empowered and empowering.

Here these women were, in their home, with a few select friends, children, midwife and partner, moving where they wanted, how they wanted with such presence and integration with the process of child birth.

My sister selected the people to walk with her in such a precious time with care and wisdom.  She found women who respected and celebrated her process, women who could encourage her and would be able to connect with her in the midst of the deepest contraction. I was even honored to be one of them! This is the role she takes as a midwife and is the roll I take as a doula.

Over the last 5 years I have started along my own path to practicing midwifery. Apprenticing for my sister, and other local midwives, working as a doula and providing placenta encapsulation. Since the birth of my children, Oliver and Everly, my passion for the field has grown. My involvement with the birth community includes, student midwifery, birth doula work and placenta preparation, all things that I love!

I think placentas and their extremely positive affect on the post partum process is just amazing. I can not speak more highly of this totally natural and wonderful supplement.  What other self produced, free, hormone supplement do you know of?!

And it is my greatest pleasure to witness the direct positive impacts on families as their doula.  To see and empower a woman in the midst of such an incredible process, during and after her birth experience is such a joy to me.

And i grow everyday as a student midwife! I cant wait to see how i can serve you!


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