What can a birther/ partner bring to a birth?

This question was asked by a new doula this morning and I thought my answer was too helpful not to share with my larger audience.

1.) Personal Care items for you:

For me that means toothbrush & paste, deodorant, mints, gum, protein snacks, water bottle and a clean shirt in case I get splashed with amniotic fluid LOL.

2.)For the Birther:

If you can, bring a diffuser with lavender or thier favorite scent, music (without adds) with a speaker, a list of birth positions either screenshotted on your phone or printed out when you guys run out of ideas.

3.) Bonus:

A small craft or book so you can keep your hands busy if there’s really slow points

What did I miss? Anything else that you found helpful at a birth?

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