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Self-Care is all the rage now. Its vital. Period. The end.
The problem for some of us, is that healthy self-care hasn’t been modeled well AND it’s a vulnerable skill to learn. To do self-care well, a person has to: -Acknowledge that they have needs -Know their needs are just as important as everyone else’s (including their childrens) -Be willing to ask for help -Accept help when its offered (without shame) -Know that they are worth it

I think a lot about an idea that #brenebrown says in her parenting book. The idea is that children learn how to be healthy from their parents actions (way more than from what parents say). So if I want my children to value themselves, I can start by valuing myself. It doesn’t have to be a big thing and it doesn’t mean that I’m most important. Just that my needs get thrown in too when we are working on schedules for the day/week. Family life is all about compromise and meeting each person’s needs as best as we can. Your a person too!

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