Featured: Bradley Childbirth Education Classes by Amanda Jackson

Need help deciding which Childbirth Education class to take? In my feature post today, I have an interview by one of our amazing local Cincinnati options. In our interview, Amanda Jackson not only discusses what the Bradley method is, how it differs from other childbirth education classes but also what she offers. Check her out below!

1. I know you teach Bradley Method childbirth education classes, could you describe the Bradley method to us?

Sure! Simply put, The Bradley Method® is a comprehensive childbirth course that helps parents-to-be feel confident and informed for their upcoming birth. This is accomplished through teaching partner support techniques (coaching), learning about the birth process and variations of labor, birth options and choices, and by emphasizing the importance of relaxation and managing stress during pregnancy and labor. We also do hands-on practice of relaxation techniques and labor positions throughout the series. Classes also benefit parents during pregnancy and postpartum through teaching proper nutrition and prenatal exercises as well as what to expect postpartum in recovery, family adjustments and breastfeeding. It is such a joy to see couples transform from feeling anxious or fearful about birth to becoming prepared and confident!

Amanda Jackson: Founder of Birth With Confidence www.birthincofidence.com

It is such a joy to see couples transform from feeling anxious or fearful about birth to becoming prepared and confident!

-Amanda Jackson

2. Can you tell us when you started teaching and how your classes have evolved?

I received my BradleyTM certification and started teaching classes in 2014. I would say the main part of my classes that has evolved is ME! It did not come naturally for me to confidently speak in front of others, nor is it something I typically enjoy! However, through my personal birth experiences and education in childbirth, I could not wait to become a teacher and help others learn about their choices in birth and feel equipped for such a special day. No matter how birth goes, it will be remembered for a lifetime. I come alive when I teach and find it such an honor to teach other expecting parents. I have also had the honor of attending many births as a doula, witnessing first hand how amazing mothers are during birth. That is something that never grows old and inspires me every time! Furthermore, I continue my education and incorporate tools in my classes. I attended a training and certified through a Spinning Babies workshop, and I am also in the process of a Stillbirthday certification (birth doula & bereavement training). I also continue to grow in my own personal education through books, podcasts and research articles.

3. Describe what your childbirth education class offers that is different from other types of classes?

I believe there are many great childbirth education courses and instructors available in the Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky areas. However, uniquely The Bradley Method® has been helping couples for over 50 years and has the highest rate of unmedicated childbirth. For this reason, those looking for an unmedicated or low intervention childbirth may choose to take a BradleyTM class. Also, due to the length of the class, it allows couples to develop new habits and retain the information learned. Further, with a primary focus of husband/partner-coaching, many couples who have taken the class series say that the class brings them closer together through pregnancy and the partner feels confident playing an active role in the labor and birth experience. That is huge!

4. What do you think clients should consider when deciding what type of childbirth education classes to take?

Taking a childbirth education class can make a massive difference in one’s birthing experience! Whether the expecting parents are planning a medicated birth, cesarean or unmedicated birth, I believe there are important considerations when choosing the right childbirth class. I recommend having questions and not simply choosing a class based on location or because it is offered through the same hospital where giving birth. Some questions I would recommend considering: What would you like to gain from taking a childbirth class? Do you want to simply know what to expect when arriving to the hospital for delivery? Do you want a class without interaction, but instead lectures and basic information provided? Or would you like to also consider birth choices, keeping pregnancy low-risk, how to navigate through complications or obstacles, pain-coping techniques, etc.? Do you have a preference in class size (smaller classes often lead to more interaction and personalized attention)? Would you like having access to a birth professional you can contact with questions (private education often gives their personal contact info for questions that may come up along the way)? Do you want a class with a focus of unmedicated birth or of a low intervention birth (a good class will often go over both medicated & unmedicated birth, so you know the benefits/risk of both)? Does your partner want to take an active role but unsure how, but would like to learn? Do you want a class that offers hands-on practice in both relaxation techniques and labor positions (this can add assurance for the expecting parents)? While a longer class series may take time and a bigger financial commitment, most parents will agree that it was worth the investment in both areas.

While a longer class series may take time and a bigger financial commitment, most parents will agree that it was worth the investment in both areas.

-Amanda Jackson

5. How can clients sign up for your classes?

Clients can sign up for my classes by contacting me directly or by sending a contact inquiry through my website. Please visit: www.birthinconfidence.com for more information!

6. What else do you think clients should know about your childbirth classes?

I would love prospective students to know that I love what I do, and I am grateful for each student! I keep my class size small (six couples or less) to provide personalized attention and give the best instruction possible. I offer both a 12-week and 6-week childbirth series option. Also, a question I get asked often is if an expecting mother can take my class with a family member if they do not have a significant other. YES, absolutely! I would love to have them! I recommend the expecting parent brings someone she trusts and would feel comfortable with practicing comfort measures & labor positions. Last, whether you’re planning on a medicated childbirth, unmedicated childbirth or unsure, I truly believe this class will benefit each parent in preparing for that special day of welcoming their sweet baby.

I am so thankful to Amanda for all her time in helping me put this interview together! She does incredible work with her clients and I am glad for the opportunity to spread the word. Again, you can get more information and contact her at http://www.birthinconfidence.com

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