Comparison of Cincinnati Hospitals C-Section Rates and Reputations

I have been curious for a while about my cities c-section, and episiotomy rates for our individual hospitals. Up until the writing of this blog, I have just had the general statistic of Cincinnati hospitals having a 30% cesarean section rate and then each hospitals reputation. Their reputations would come to me through other birth workers and be passed around like a cute baby. I knew I had to share these reputations as a service to the pregnant population of Cincinnati. Anyone utilizing these hospitals should have all the information possible so they can make an informed choice. In this blog, I’ll share the general reputations and the statistics that I have been able to get my hands on.  As a warning, take my opinions with a breath. I understand that any woman can have an amazing birth anywhere and any negative comments from me, is only my understanding and is in no way meant to discount your experience. That being said, if you would like to share your experience, please comment below or contact me directly. You can help round me out, LOL.  

I know, as much as any birth worker, that the type of delivery a pregnant person has will depend largely on the provider, followed by the characteristics of the support team and finally by the practices of the hospital that is utilized (if she uses one of course). I can think of a provider I would recommend at most of my local hospitals who knows natural birth well and supports women making informed choices. As could be assumed, I highly recommend a laboring parent having a support team that will encourage her labor and delivery preferences. Ideally that will mean a supportive partner and a doula. But the statistics of our local hospitals, which give solid information about their tendencies, was new to me. Finding these statistics was challenging, and will be a work in progress. As I gain more information with my questioning, I will update this post.

Tri-Health Bethesda North Hospital: 10500 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45242

Cesarean Section of first-time mothers giving birth to a single baby, at term, in the head-down position: 17.3%

Episiotomy rate: 4.5% (1.)

Bethesda North, or B. North, like we like to call it, has a pretty good name for itself, especially because this is the hospital that Dr. Daniel Bowen works out of. (Update: Bowen can no longer work out of Bethesda, he delivers out of Good Samaritan Hospital) Bowen is the OBGYN who has a HUGE following of natural birth mommas, and a while back he was so kind as to even work as homebirth clients backup physician. Though he has moved away from being backup, his name is the most commonly mentioned as the go-to-guy for a natural birth. Too bad his office staff makes patients cry, #bekind.

Good Samaritan Hospital of Cincinnati: 375 Dixmyth Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45220

Cesarean Section of first-time mothers giving birth to a single baby, at term, in the head-down position: 23.3%

Episiotomy rate: 4% (1)

Good Sam has a poor reputation for natural birthers but is the place to be if a baby needs intensive help. This hospital, along with only two others has a Level 3 NICU, with the highest level 4, being at Cincinnati Childrens, a few blocks away. (Update:Dr.Bowen is now delivering at Good Samaritan, so this reputation may very well change.)

Christ Hospital: 2139 Auburn Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45219

Cesarean Section of first-time mothers giving birth to a single baby, at term, in the head-down position: 27.2%

Episiotomy rate: 9.8% (1) Whoa!!!

Christ Hospital has a poor reputation for natural births, but… then there’s the respected Michelle Zamudio, CNM, who works with two others, Jacqui Martin and Jessie Bertsch. Michelle provides patients with incredible care. Search her on Facebook, with the key words ‘Cincinnati Midwife’ and the praises don’t stop. They are also certified as Bag Free, and have a Centering Pregnancy program. Watch this YouTube video and you’ll see how transformative this program can be to women’s prenatal care. .

Mercy Health- Anderson Hospital: 7500 State Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45255

Cesarean Section of first-time mothers giving birth to a single baby, at term, in the head-down position: 24%

The rate of women who pursue a vaginal birth after cesarean section (VBAC): 19%

The rate of women who are successful in their VBAC: 88%

Episiotomy rate: 7%

Epidural rate: 75%

All this information is self-reported to me from the manager of labor and delivery. It has not been assessed for accuracy by a third party.

Mercy Anderson follows the 10 steps for Successful Breastfeeding, is Bag free and has a great reputation for those wanting a natural birth. It is also the home to Dr. Patridge and Dr. Varnau, who many homebirthers choose when they need a hospital birth. They are incredibly comfortable with allowing birth to unfold, while simultaneously being up to date on all the latest studies. Dr. Patridge is sure to keep the room laughing in the immediate postpartum, with her slightly crude jokes.

University of Cincinnati Medical Center: 234 Goodman Street Cincinnati, OH 45219

*Does not self report to the public

University of Cincinnati is a teaching hospital, they have a Level 3 NICU, and are certified Bag Free. They also have a Centering Pregnancy program  , which I am totally stoked about.

Are you a hospital representative? Please contact me to let me know about the great work your doing.  I would be more than happy to conduct a interview with you to Feature your care.



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12 thoughts on “Comparison of Cincinnati Hospitals C-Section Rates and Reputations

  1. So intrigued to hear St. E’s stats! I had a great birth there last year – induced at 37 weeks (twice, first didn’t work) and delivered without an epidural (took stadol though). CNM Jen Dooley is my hero, and I love the whole midwife group. But everyone has a different experience, so who knows.

  2. I’m also curious to know about rates for St. Elizabeth. I had a less than pleasing experience there when I had my son nearly three years ago.

  3. I would have liked to see you include Atrium Medical Center, as their Natia beginnings program is the first natural birth center in the greater Cincinnati area.

  4. I would 100% discredit Mercy Anderson on their following of successful breastfeeding, specifically in their special care unit. Never again.

    1. Oh boy, that sounds like a rough story behind that. By special care unit, do you mean the NICU?

  5. I had a successful VBAC at UC in 2016, but, let me tell you, I had to fight like hell for it. My first prenatal was with Dr. Andrea Hamel who assured me that VBAC was possible and their practice would fully support TOL. Most of the other doctors in the practice were skeptical, one of them even told me I was too old (at 35!) and too overweight to have a vaginal delivery. I was so nervous about encountering one of these physicians during delivery that I went ahead and got induced while Dr. Hamel and Dr. Molly Carey were on schedule. I labored for nearly 36 hours, and pushed for more than 3 hours. When Dr. Hamel came in to tell me her shift was over I nearly cried because I knew the next doctor on shift would wheel me into OR. Like a champ, Dr. Hamel, herself 8 months pregnant, literally rolled up her sleeves and helped me successfully finish my VBAC journey. I’m currently expecting my 3rd and final baby, and as much as I appreciate Dr. Hamel I couldn’t go through that again. This time I’m working with Tina Pearson and Dr. Aicholz and I couldn’t be more pleased with the care and support they’ve given me. I plan on delivering at Christ, so this report has me nervous, but I know a friend who had a positive natural birth there with Tina, so I’m hoping the data is provider specific. Anyway, thanks for putting this together!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story! So much depends on the provider you choose, and I bet this birth is going to be great!

  6. Great info! Do you know anything about St. Elizabeth’s rates? Or where I may be able to find them?

    1. Hi Kelsey, thanks for your comment! I have calls into them now and am waiting to hear back. I have been told that I “need clearance” for that information. I hope to be able to update my post soon.

  7. Thanks for the info! I’m surprised that Christ is a poor hospital for natural child birth. I’m glad that they and other hospitals are starting to use Nitrous Oxcide for their patients that want it. I see Tina Pearson CNM and I’m confident I can succeed with a natural birth there and hopefully help change that statistic. I do know that St Elizabeth is doing better with natural childbirth. I’m curious what their stats are too!
    Thanks again for the info.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I would love to hear your story after your birth, I bet it will be incredible ♡. Maybe I could start gathering Cincinnati birth stories as part of my blog! I have heard Tina Pearsons name but dont have personal experience with her so it would be good to hear yours. I am working on St. Elizabeth stats too, ill update with those soon.

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