Spotlight: Atrium’s Natural Beginnings Birth Center Interview

Shared below is an interview I recently had the pleasure of doing with our local birth center! Natural Beginnings is just outside of Cincinnati, and have a great record of supporting natural birth. I am so excited to give all of my blog readers more specifics about what they offer.


Describe what Atrium Natural Beginnings Birth Center offers to pregnant parents that sets you apart from other birth institutes.

Atrium Medical Center, conveniently located off Interstate 75 at exit 32, has the feel of a boutique hospital; patients and their families receive extra care and attention during their stay. The hospital’s Natural Beginnings Birth Center offers a birthing and postpartum environment that fosters self-responsibility and family empowerment, along with access to emergency medical care and a Level II Special Care Nursery should complications arise. Going through the childbirth process through Natural Beginnings, you will be surrounded and cared for by midwives, nurses, and board-certified obstetricians who believe and support your goal of having a non-medicated birth experience, and you will not be separated from your baby after delivery unless complications arise.

Tell us about the prenatal care you offer. Do patients usually have to wait, and how long are the visits with the midwives?

As with any birth, your routine prenatal care will first and foremost consist of visits with an obstetrician or midwife. To find a midwife that delivers at Natural Beginnings, you can call the Center for Women’s Health and Wellness in Mason at (513) 770-2797.

In addition to routine prenatal appointments, expectant mothers who wish to enroll in Natural Beginnings must take a few additional steps.

First, you must attend a Natural Beginnings orientation class. The orientation class is a one-hour group class that includes a tour of the birth center. This class is ideally attended during your second trimester, around 22 to 32 weeks. The class explains the philosophy of Natural Beginnings, what to expect, and the required paperwork. It is highly recommended that both the mother and her support person attend this class. Enrollment in the program is required to utilize the Natural Beginnings Birth Center for a birth. You can call (866) 608-FIND (3463) to learn more or enroll online.

The next step is a Natural Beginnings prenatal visit at 36 weeks. The appointment takes approximately 45 minutes. We will ask questions regarding your health history, have you sign consent forms, and collect paperwork distributed during your orientation class. Please call us when you are 34 to 35 weeks to schedule your appointment.

All first-time parents are required to attend childbirth education classes. Atrium Medical Center also offers childbirth education classes specific to Natural Beginnings that teach natural coping techniques for labor and birth. Information about all of our childbirth education classes is available online.

Expectant mothers who are at 34 weeks or more can speak with a Natural Beginnings nurse directly to discuss late enrollment options. Returning parents can speak directly with a Natural Beginnings nurse about re-enrollment requirements. To speak with a Natural Beginnings nurse, call 513-974-4291.

Describe the postpartum care received by patients.

For postpartum care, Natural Beginnings has 24-hour rooming-in with no separation of the family unit unless complications arise. We support you in breastfeeding; therefore, pacifiers or formula supplements are not given without parental consent or medical necessity. Breastfeeding consultation is available during your stay and at home, with lactation specialists available daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. We also make postpartum phone calls to ensure the long-term health and safety of you and your family.

Pregnant women with low risk pregnancies can utilize Natural Beginnings; can you describe what low risk means?

We are unable to enroll women who:

  • Are under a physician’s care for medical conditions that can affect pregnancy
  • Are expecting any pregnancy complications that can influence labor or birth
  • Are anticipating complications with a newborn
  • Had a previous cesarean delivery
  • Have a condition that can require a difficult course of treatment or intervention

What comfort measures for labor are offered? How often are they utilized?

The center offers two private, home-like suites that have been designed to allow you to labor, deliver, and recover in the same room with no separation of mother and newborn unless complications arise. Each suite features a queen-sized bed and ample space for a family-friendly experience. Our nurses are dedicated to the natural childbirth process. They will support you through natural labor without traditional interventions and encourage you to use positions for delivery that feel right to you. You will have access to movement, aromatherapy, massage therapy, music, positioning, and labor tools to help you cope with labor. Additionally, each room is equipped with a large Jacuzzi® tub for hydrotherapy and water birthing options. Natural Beginnings is truly low intervention: You can eat, you can move, and we don’t have medical monitoring for the baby during labor (we only use a fetal Doppler ultrasound, which is like a microphone stethoscope).

Please share any current statistics you have available, initial cesarean rate, successful VBAC, episiotomy, etc. for Natural Beginnings. Could you share for Atrium Medical Center as well?

Atrium Medical Center had a primary C-section rate of approximately 15 percent in 2018 – currently the lowest in the Premier Health system. Mothers enrolled in Natural Beginnings who end up requiring a C-section will deliver in the operating suites of the hospital’s Family Birth Center. While the hospital does have successful VBAC deliveries, these deliveries are unable to be performed in our Natural Beginnings Birth Center.

What else do you think patients should know about Natural Beginnings?

Natural Beginnings Birth Center is the first comprehensive natural birth center in the greater Cincinnati area located within an acute care hospital, offering the comforts of home alongside the safety net of nursing and medical staff who can respond with emergency and surgical care if necessary. Natural Beginnings is the second natural birth center operated by Premier Health, which opened Family Beginnings at Miami Valley Hospital’s main campus in Dayton in 1995. Decades of experience with Family Beginnings at Miami Valley Hospital served as the model for the natural birth center at Atrium Medical Center, offering much-desired natural childbirth services closer to Cincinnati-based patients. In the past two years, we have supported more than 300 mothers in their goal of having a natural childbirth experience without epidural anesthesia.

To learn more about Natural Beginnings, visit or call 513-974-4291.


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Published March 13, 2019

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