What I really needed for my new baby, myself and my family after birth

If your anything like me then, you may be anxious about the possibility of forgetting something that you should have for after your baby is born. Let me tell you, people WILL be running out to get things that you didn’t think of and, that’s okay. Just remind yourself that the stores will still be open after you have your baby too, so you really dont need to stress all that much.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I didn’t know what I needed to have ready for my baby. I actually sat at my sisters house and wrote down her list of must-haves before a baby to get me started. I wish I could remember what she said now, lol. I guess it has been 8 years! There are a million baby products and it can be really overwhelming. The thing about parenting is that everyone has their own preferences and you’re going to have your own parenting style that will dictate what you “need”. I’ll go ahead and share with you what I would personally have on hand before having a baby.

For your new baby:

  1. Safe place for you to lay them down, a bed inside your room is ideal for those first few months with lots of clean sheets for it.
  2. Blankets that are preferably cotton so that they are breathable and won’t irritate the baby’s skin
  3. Cotton burpcloths
  4. Some sort of dye and scent-free detergent because baby’s skin is so sensitive and newborn rashes look sad
  5. Cotton sleep sacks
  6. Diapers, disposable (newborn and size 1) for the first couple weeks and cloth for after
  7. Wipes: like lots of wipes. It is the very worst to run out of baby wipes
  8. Appointment preemptively set for tongue tie revision
  9. Baby monitor because my house is big and I’m going to need to put the baby down to shower sometimes

As an added bonus, heres my For Mom list!

  1. Breast pump in case of engorgemeant that cant be relieved with lots of nursing
  2. Breastmilk bags for freezing
  3. Big stash of my favorite snacks for next to my bed, including coconut water
  4. Luxurious nightgowns that are nursing friendly
  5. Hip earrings to wear
  6. Encouraging and beautiful quote on the wall to look at while I’m sitting in bed for the first week and a very tidy room
  7. Fresh flowers
  8. My tiered approach to combat postpartum depression if it showed its ugly head again (I share this document for free on request)
  9. Everything set up to have my placenta encapsulated
  10. Water dispenser in my room with my favorite water bottle
  11. Pad of paper and pen to write down things that I need or thoughts to share.
  12. Baby name books ready to go so the baby can have a name by the end of the week

As a extra added bonus heres a list of what to have on hand For the Family Unit

  1. Books on my phone that are family friendly for when my older children come to hang out with me
  2. Simple arts and crafts put away that my children can do quietly
  3. Meal plan and grocery list made for two weeks so my husband can focus on other things, like me and the new baby
  4. A freezer full of freezermeals
  5. A list ready of people and what specific things we could ask of them
  6. Play dates set up for the older children
  7. Gifts for the older children, from their new sibling (lego set for my son and new baby doll with diaper changing accaccessories for my daughter)
  8. Lots of discussions beforehand of what we expect of the children and what they could do that would be really helpful

Take it easy momma, and I hope this list finds you happy and wholehearted.

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