Insurance and Doulas

I got the question recently from a new mom, asking if insurance covered birth doulas. The short answer is… probably not. If you’re a member of a health sharing company, then there’s a good chance that it would be covered, but under any traditional insurance the answer is no. If you know of one please comment below!

There’s tons of studies out showing how having a birth Doula lowers your chance of Labor interventions/ augmentations, lowers your chance of cesarean section and lowers the need for pain management. I would think that insurance companies would be excited to pay the small fee of a birth doula so they wouldn’t have to pay these much larger fees, but old systems Die Hard.

That all being said I’m happy to provide a payment plan that we both can agree on and I even have a sliding scale for my birth Doula work. If you’re interested in either of those options please just Reach Out.


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