No, you’re not being silly if you want to be modest during your birth

Birth is a big deal and for some it becomes an even bigger deal knowing that other people are going to be looking straight at areas of your body that are the most sacred. I get it! I really do.

Yes… it’s totally true that for most moms they’re going to hit a point in labor when people seeing their body is just not a worry to them anymore. They become more concerned with riding the waves of each contraction and how tight their clothes begin to feel that they just start tearing them off their body. Hint: Anything that has a waistband goes first. ; )

For some moms this just won’t happen. They will stay covered up and that’s fine. As long as they feel comfortable enough to roll with what their body is asking them to do in labor, there is no problem!

What I really want all moms who are struggling with this issue to remember is that this is their birth, no one else’s and they get to decide what they want to wear and when. It’s just that basic. Because #empoweredbirth

If you want to have a modest birth experience I would suggest that you have a few of the following items on hand…

-Nightgowns: ones that you think are beautiful, completly un-constricting, and dedicated to the birth so you won’t be disappointed if they get stained. You will want at least 2 in case one gets wet or dirty. At least knee length is ideal, calf length is better and sleeveless because labor is hard and sweaty work. Oh and I love cotton because it breaths. Make sure it’s not see through because that just defeats the purpose. Check out Latched Momma dresses, they will open easily for nursing and are my absolute favorite!

-Sportsbra: again at least 2 is ideal in case one gets wet. Nursing bras might be great too as it would open easily to do skin to skin with the baby afterwards.

Early labor clothes: these are the clothes that you love, are comfortable and make you feel safe and warm. #loveyourself

I would love to hear what you wore in labor and if you have any additional tips that readers might find helpful!

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