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Last week i was on call for a doula friend and i was called to the birth! I couldnt believe it! My friend was unavailable for a 18 hour window, and it was the babies due date, so i mean, come on, the odds were SO low. Lesson learned… I am the luckiest!!!! : )

Its been awhile since I have been to a birth as a doula, with all my apprentice/ student midwife work, and man have i gotten good! I kept surprising myself with knowing how to be, what to say to her and her husband, how to touch her and what suggestions to make next. I was with Julie and her husband for 17 hours at the hospital and never once did i get stressed or anxious, I have been struggling with those in my life and it was so good to let go. I have been reaffirmed that birth work is in my blood! Its in my heart and i LOVE it!

So Im moving forward, Im going to pursue more doula work! And ill keep being a student and do placenta encapsulation because i believe in this work, and i believe in women and i believe in the power of birth!

Please let me know if there is someone who could use a doula and i would love to talk to them!

PS: Tolabor is the organization i was trained through, and i would recommend them to anyone. They also have this free podcast, link provided here…. http://www.tolabor.com/toraise-podcast/. Its called To Raise Questions and they have so many great topics, and one of the ladies who is talking Terese, is the women who trained me. Man! She is great. I listen to this podcast sometimes to connect me with the broader picture and because these ladies and so sweet and they talk about their experience as doulas and its all about honoring women. tolaborbanner-4

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Professional Cincinnati Doula and Placenta Encapsulation. I have been part of the Cincinnati birth community since 2010. The births that I have supported have spanned home, hospital, lqbt, heterosexual, natural, epidural, vaginal, VBAC, HVBAC and cesarean. I have been a doula to a whole range of mothers! Feel free to email me at: dreamcatcher.birth@gmail.com

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