Taking Back Breastfeeding

I watch new mothers and babies learn to breastfeed a lot these days. Its a whole trial and error learning curve, for both. Some get the perfect latch the first time they try, just after birth and some take weeks to work out, with tongue tie revisions or torn up nipples.  I feel so lucky to work with clients who are so devoted to breastfeeding that, despite challenges, they dont give up, even if it means donor milk… they keep pursuing a breastfeeding relationship with their child.

Im sharing this video, that a friend shared with me awhile back about laid back breastfeeding. Its just another position to try while your learning, or if you have an oversupply, with gasping baby to show for it ; ) I hope you find it to be another helpful resource. Laid Back Breastfeeding

laid back

For those of you who are learning to breastfeed, I applaud you. For those of you who will be learning soon, you wont regret it! And for those who have, I bet you miss it!

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