A Day in the Life

My life recently consists of two types of days, both pull at my heart and keep me excited to do the other. My life as a mother and life as a birth worker.

As a mother my life is paced by a sweet baby girl, Everly Ruth. At 9 months old her life is set by naps, and putting everything possible in her mouth. She enjoys playing games with her older brother like, who can crawl the fastest. It is so sweet when he lets her win too! Oliver, my brave and rambunctious 4 year old, keeps me learning and growing. Most recently we have been focused on ‘Birds of Prey’, ‘Big Cats’ and learning all the letters of the alphabet. It’s too exciting to contain!

Being a birth worker consists of going to prenatals, births, and postpartum visits, Meet the Doulas, writing blog posts, and studying in any gaps of time. I’m reading textbooks such as Varneys, Holistic Midwifery, Clinical Practice Guidelines, and Heart and Hands.When I’m not reading books I listen to all the talks I can get my hands on. I often find myself going down rabbit holes learning about nipple pain, fetal heart tones, and practice guidelines. I laugh it off when i get it wrong and keep trying to get it right.

At the end of my days I am both exhausted and anxiously excited. I have pushed myself and remain open to where my path will lead me. I have arrived and I keep telling myself, “what i put in, is what i will get out”.


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Professional Cincinnati Doula and Placenta Encapsulation. I have been part of the Cincinnati birth community since 2010. The births that I have supported have spanned home, hospital, lqbt, heterosexual, natural, epidural, vaginal, VBAC, HVBAC and cesarean. I have been a doula to a whole range of mothers! Feel free to email me at: dreamcatcher.birth@gmail.com

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