Herb Baths

If you’ve ever had a birth that resulted in a tear and then were lucky enough to have someone brew you an herb bath then you know what I’m talking about. An herb bath is something that my sister, a well respected midwife, introduced me to. Its like it sounds, a hot bath with herbs. A blend of calming and healing herbs, such as lavender, rosemary, and red raspberry leaf are heated up in a huge pot of water and boiled until you get an awesome tea like substance. This is strained into your tub and mixed with cooler water to make the perfect temperature. Then you sink in, with or without your new sweet baby and enjoy!

Interested? Contact me and ill set you up with your own reusable sack of herbs and more detailed instructions. OR if I’m already your Postpartum doula, Ill make you an herb bath, light a candle, and take the kids on a walk. Ahhhhhhhh, ultimate relaxation.

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