Cincinnati Placenta Encapsulation

I provide Cincinnati Placenta Encapsulation services to the new parents of Cincinnati to help them back to hormonal equilibrium and to mitigate the potential for “baby blues”, postpartum depression and other postpartum mood disorders. At this point, quality scientific research has not been published to verify or dispute the benefits of consuming one’s placenta but I’m a believer in its benefits due to my own experience and the experiences of clients, friends and family. I give it 5 gold stars! Why not have a simple tool ready for yourself, in case you are struggling through the postpartum transition?!

Anna is very easy to work with, and you can tell she truly loves what she does. She encapsulated my placenta for my last two births and makes the process easy by coming to the hospital or your house (even on Christmas!). She puts care into her work and made my postpartum recovery smooth. Thanks, Anna.

Ann D.

There is a wealth of empirical evidence on the positive health effects and nutritional value of placenta consumption and here’s why.

Placenta Encapsulation has been reported to:

  • Balance hormones
  • Enhance milk supply
  • Increase energy
  • Rich in vitamin B6
  • Rich in Iron
  • Stabilize emotional wellbeing
  • Help with Postpartum Mood
Cincinnati Placenta Encapsulation

How Placenta Encapsulation Works

I encourage my clients to tell their care provider before their birth that they will be keeping their placenta. Clients can feel free to mention that they will be doing placenta encapsulation or simply say that they would like it for “personal reasons”. When clients see the staff begin to clean up directly after their birth, it is important to remind the staff, that they will be taking the placenta home and not to treat it in anyway. Most area hospitals have clients fill out a ‘Release of Medical Waste’ form. At this point, their placenta is ready for pick up, and I am contacted.

I will pick up the placenta and get started processing it ASAP. It is my goal that this process is as easy for my clients as possible. For this reason, I gladly pick up the placenta with my own cooler, process it in 48hours, then drop it back off to the client in capsule form. If the umbilical cord was still attached to the placenta when I receive it, I include a free gift of a cord keepsake.

Depending on the size and health of the placenta, you can assume that you will receive 80-160 placenta capsules. When deciding how many capsules to consume and how often, it is always important to follow your bodies needs first and foremost. My personal recommendation is to start with 2 capsules every morning, more if you are feeling particularly emotionally fragile.

  • I offer Placenta Tinctures. Simply add it to your cart if you would like to include it with your encapsulation. It prolongs the positive effects of the placenta for months!

Book Placenta Encapsulation Services

Theres only 2 steps to book your placenta encapsulation.

1.) Fill out the Intake Information below.

2.) Pay the retainer. Its your final step to an easier postpartum!

*Placentas cannot be used if it needs to be sent to pathology for any reason. Cesarean section will not effect the quality and encapsulation can still be done.

As a FREE gift, I have a Postpartum Depression Plan available for those that want more of a strategic plan while they move through their postpartum. Click on the button below to learn more

Anna is wonderfully caring, prompt, knowledgeable individual. Her expertise and kind spirit made our encapsulation process completely hassle free. You will not be disappointed in choosing to work with her, she definitely works to go the extra mile for her clients

David W. August 2, 2019