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“Anna was wonderful! She was so supportive during birth! She never pressured me to do things a certain way and always validated what I was feeling. She was very knowledgeable and helped my husband get involved in the process. She also encapsulated my placenta. She was so quick to get it to me and I’m so glad I chose to encapsulate. It has helped tremendously with postpartum recovery.”

Maddie C.

Hi, I’m Anna

I am a skilled birth and postpartum doula serving the Greater Cincinnati Area. In addition to doula services I offer placenta encapsulation as a tool to increase postpartum health and combat postpartum mood disorders in a natural way.

I know from my own two journeys through pregnancy and birth just how transformative it can be. I remember connecting with my babies while in the womb increased throughout my pregnancy when I had the right supports in place. What a journey the experience of creating life is!

As a parent, it can be hard to know where to turn and how to navigate all the decisions that need to be made from the very beginning. This is where support is needed and I can serve as a guide. My support begins at the start of pregnancy and continues throughout birth and into the postpartum months. I can help you navigate this new territory with total acceptance of who you are blossoming to be.

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“Anna was very easy to work with even though we live many miles apart. She made it so easy to deliver my placenta and I received the capsules back very quickly. I am looking forward to a great postpartum experience this time around. After taking the capsules, I already feel better. Thank you so much!”

Ashley R.

“Anna is so wonderful, so kind, so knowledgeable. I had a rough birth and she kept her cool and kept me focused even when I was at my most difficult mood.”

Roxanne C.