Is homebirth messy? 

That homebirth is messy is a common thought for individuals who haven’t seen birth or a brand new to it. There’s an idea that fluids shoot out of the mother’s body followed quickly by fluids from the newborn’s, and soon enough there is blood dripping from the ceiling! Or wait… Maybe that was my idea when I first started going to births. I think that partly had to do with my fear that went hand-in-hand with thoughts of birth. The fear that mother’s bleed too much, there’s a whole lot of screaming and that women couldn’t do it without their doctors, preferably male at that. Oh how I’ve changed!

My fear has been replaced with reverence. My work at Birth is done with compassion and in awe of the power that we as women hold to produce and sustain life straight out of our bodies! It is fantastical! Okay I might have just made that word up but it fits perfectly. Can you imagine that one body produces another. So have I seen a mother Hemorrhage and bleed too much… Yes of course. Have I seen her leave little puddles behind her as she walks across the floor, yes of course. Have I seen her water burst, spraying the area around her, yes of course! And guess what? It’s all quickly wiped up. At most we have to use hydrogen peroxide to Bubble it out of the carpets, but I’m telling you it’s like the baby came from a stork by the time we leave. It’s that clean! Except for the fact that Mom is sore and exhausted from some of the hardest work she will ever do.


This one goes out to Cincinnati’s pregnant women of color

As I move deeper into my journey to become a midwife, I’m struck by the disparities that are faced by women of color in the Cincinnati Area. It is not for socioeconomic reasons like education or their yearly income that makes their statistics so much worse than their white counterparts, it’s the sheer fact that racism is prevalent and far reaching. It causes such undue stress on these women that they are more likely to give birth prematurely, and experience other pregnancy complications that could ultimately result in maternal or infant mortality.

Check out the following for more information.®=39

I am newly impassioned to do what I can to change these statistics. This will include offering the following to women:

-low cost birth doula services for those that are inhibited by the cost of my services

-being available via phone for questions or concerns

The above are my ideas and I understand that I may not be addressing the greater need. If you have ideas about alternatives please contact me. I am open to feedback.

No, you’re not being silly if you want to be modest during your birth

Birth is a big deal and for some it becomes an even bigger deal knowing that other people are going to be looking straight at areas of your body that are the most sacred. I get it! I really do.

Yes… it’s totally true that for most moms they’re going to hit a point in labor when people seeing their body is just not a worry to them anymore. They become more concerned with riding the waves of each contraction and how tight their clothes begin to feel that they just start tearing them off their body. Hint: Anything that has a waistband goes first. ; )

For some moms this just won’t happen. They will stay covered up and that’s fine. As long as they feel comfortable enough to roll with what their body is asking them to do in labor, there is no problem!

What I really want all moms who are struggling with this issue to remember is that this is their birth, no one else’s and they get to decide what they want to wear and when. It’s just that basic. Because #empoweredbirth

If you want to have a modest birth experience I would suggest that you have a few of the following items on hand…

-Nightgowns: ones that you think are beautiful, completly un-constricting, and dedicated to the birth so you won’t be disappointed if they get stained. You will want at least 2 in case one gets wet or dirty. At least knee length is ideal, calf length is better and sleeveless because labor is hard and sweaty work. Oh and I love cotton because it breaths. Make sure it’s not see through because that just defeats the purpose. Check out Latched Momma dresses, they will open easily for nursing and are my absolute favorite!

-Sportsbra: again at least 2 is ideal in case one gets wet. Nursing bras might be great too as it would open easily to do skin to skin with the baby afterwards.

Early labor clothes: these are the clothes that you love, are comfortable and make you feel safe and warm. #loveyourself

I would love to hear what you wore in labor and if you have any additional tips that readers might find helpful!

The hardest part of birth

There is no doubt that you will work hard during a natural birth. We all know it! Any of us who have done it have heard comments like, “I could never do that” and “You are way stronger than I am”. The thing is that those comments aren’t true and I think it gives the wrong idea to New Moms who are considering a natural birth. What really is the hardest part? It’s not that contractions are so incredibly painful, it’s that you have to LET GO. Some of you reading this will know exactly what I mean immediately but I’ll explain for the rest of you.

Letting go is a process that ideally you will begin at the beginning of your pregnancy and continue working on until your birth. It means letting go of expectations of exactly how your birth will go, letting go of fear, and allowing your body, heart, and mind to do exactly what millions of women’s before you have done. Allowing a baby to pass through you and out into the world. That’s the hardest part! Letting go and allowing trust of the process in.

Free Postpartum Deression plan 

​I recently realized that I have something that others may not have when it comes to postpartum depression. I not only have personal experience and really understand it, I have tools that can help. I’m so passionate about this issue because I know how debilitating it can be not only for the mother but for her whole family. Psychologist agree that the mother and her child set the tone for their relationship within the first couple years of life and if that first year is wrought with postpartum depression it can be challenging to come back from. I’m offering my community a free document which I have titled, ‘Get out of my life: postpartum depression plan’. It’s a plan to create with your partner and I will be happy to pass it on to anyone who requests it! Placenta encapsulation can also really help, so feel free to ask me about that as well. Here’s to beautiful postpartum periods! 

Beautiful Pregnancy 

I hope you take the time to celebrate your pregnancy,  it can be as simple as snapping some pictures of your belly on your phone,  or spending 15 minutes every night connecting with your baby and partner.  You won’t regret it and it will only make this time and birth more beautiful! XOXO